Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Trailer Park Love

So, festival season is upon us, and the IOW festival wristband-owning friends I have spent the last few months being insanely jealous of now have my full sympathy as they swim around in their tents (if they haven't already blown away in the gale force winds). 

I understand getting wet/muddy/hypothermic is part of the festival experience, but to me cold = miserable. 

For my next festival I have images of enjoying a nice hot shower after the day's festivities, sticking the kettle on and cosying up into a warm bunk bed surrounded by Cath Kidston cushions in my retro caravan. 

I really, really want one. It's just like having an extra little house to do up. I WILL get one and I will cover it with fairy lights and fill it with cupcakes and cushions.