Sunday, 18 September 2011

Workin' like a Bitch

As London Fashion Week begins I have found myself, for the first time in five years, unable to attend - by attend I mean loiter around Somerset House, model-watch and attempt (predominantly unsuccessfully) to blag my way into some shows.

This has left me feeling utterly depressed and out of the loop, but unfortunately my two equally dull and uninspiring jobs are taking over my entire life at the moment.

As well as the long hours (75 last week)I am really quite missing uni - not the 4 hour commute or the stress of deadlines, but the creative outlet and the sense of achievement that comes with a finished project and a well-deseved high mark - no one comes up to you at the end of the week at work and says "hey, the way you dealt with that customer? AMAZING, 2:1 for you my girl!

As much as I'm looking forward to my 2 months away, I am equally looking forward to the New Year when I can begin my search for a 'real job'. 

In other news, I have just sold my Mulberry Alexa : ( along with a big portion of my personal belongings, all in the name of raising money for my travels, you can see everything I'm selling here, all proceeds go to the Lulubelle wedding fund : )

Depending on how much I raise, I'm debating buying a Bayswater next week when I go to Bicester village, my Alexa was quite student-y and I think as a soon-to-be-married women I am now grown-up enough to handle such a classic!

Isn't she gorgeous?